Signale Widget


Signal Widget eliminates bad website impression by helping small business owners and their web-developers to keep website information up-to-date by making announcements easy to write, publish them at a given time and remove them before these become outdated.

There are three key steps for every announcement

  1. write the announcement
  2. publish it
  3. remove it before it becomes obsolete

and we make them easy:

1. Write the announcement

Our step by step guide ensures, that you do not forget any relevant information in your announcement. There are essential questions every announcement should answer for the reader. You know your customers and you have your own language talking to them.

2. Publish the announcement

After writing your announcement apply minimal formatting with our easy to use editor. In many cases less additional formatting is better. Then you select the publication date and when it should get removed. 

3. Remove it before it becomes obsolete

This is not your duty anymore. We take care of it, nothing to do for you. Enjoy the peace of mind, that you will not have any outdated annoucements on your website.